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Garbage Collection for Actors


With the increasing use of active object systems and concurrent object oriented languages like Java, the problem of garbage collection to reclaim unused memory has become more complex. Different from passive object systems, the criterion for identifying garbage in active object systems cannot be based solely on reachability from the root objects in the systems. A substantial amount of research has been devoted to the area of garbage collection for functional and object-oriented languages. However, the garbage collection algorithms for those systems are not directly applicable for active objects or actor systems. This motivates the development of specialized garbage collection algorithms for active object systems.

This research theme focuses on the garbage collection of active object systems in the heterogeneous multi-core platforms. We will investigate the behavior of the garbage collection algorithms in the marking phase and the sweep phase. We will develop a new garbage collection algorithm for the active object systems and experiment on the efficiency of the garbage collector in a heterogeneous multi-core environment, the Andes Core. In embedded heterogeneous multi-core environments like the Andes Core, we have to keep the size of the garbage collector small and we have to make the garbage collection algorithm efficient. Also, we will extend the newly develop garbage collection into the applications on the distributed heterogeneous multi-core platforms.

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